Started a retaurant

It is now mid-may and we’re still unpacking at home!  We have started a business as owners of the Flag Creek Cafe, located at the Meeker Golf Course. The startup is taking an inordinate amount of our time and energy, but after two weeks we are beginning to get our staffing levels up and hopefully will reduce our hours.  The location was originally a snack bar which we redecorated and remodeled into a 64-seat restaurant and bar.  It is really nice inside now. The town has received us well and many think it is the nicest place in town. \
There are 3 other restaurants in town and a fourth up river 23 miles.  Our view and food can’t be matched and we’re off to a good start.    More later . . .  The pics page has some photos of the restaurant view and some of the inside.  I’ll post the menu soon.

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