Summer ’05

Summer in Meeker is a short-lived thing, and this year it was very comfortable.  Sandi and I took several trips to see Joe and Anita in Missouri, even spent a lot of time looking at property to purchase.  In the end, nothing came of it as there isn’t much in the way of work there for me. Things are unsettled here with NC Telecom, and the next few months will tell if I stay there or not. 

In May we took an enchanting vacation to Colonial Williamsburg where we met up with my sisters, Mimi and Diane.  What a fun week!  We went to Monticello and dined and drank and sat and talked.  We stayed at an old converted plantation complete with duck ponds and great dining facilities, part of our time-share exchange program.  It was especially fortutitous since only a month or so later Mimi’s blood disease flared up and she was gone in a matter of weeks.   We have great photos of our time together and wonderful memories.

During one of my solo trips to see Joe, Sandi entered some competitive horse events at the Rio Blanco County Fair where she was thrown and sustained a rather severe concussion.  Brandy tells some great stories about how she lost her memory and didn’t even know where I was or why on earth I’d be in Missouri.  Apparently she kept repeating the same two or three phrases over and over; "I got thrown form my horse, didn’t I?  It was Zanna wasn’t it? . . . That bitch.  <squealing>  Bad pony!"  She apparently said this at least 100 time in the first 10 hours after her accident.  It took over three weeks for her to get back to normal and recover memory.  Now she is fine but still doesn’t remember anything of the day of the accident after loading her horses in the trailer.

Rumor has it that the main Quintus class-action suit will settle before year end, and our CA State action against them will follow immediately thereafter .  It will be nice to finally pu that era behind us.  The CEO Alan Anderson apparently went to jail for up to 10 years, but I haven’t been able to find out the exact time he will serve.  It isn’t enough.

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