Late Winter ’06

Not much exciting news.  We started building a barn in October and it still isn’t finished right.  Lots of issues with the contractor , you can read the entire story as I post and update it on 

The Quintus action is final as of December, but here it is March and we still haven’t gotten a distribution of the funds.  Seems our attorney has to get SS#s from all the members of our small class, but hasn’t seen fit to do so during the past 6 years so we wait some more. 

The NC Telecom bankruptcy is still moving along, slowly.  We now have the framework for an asset sale to two groups, one is a regional electric generation facility who will buy the majority of the fiber and real estate, and the other is yours truly, who will buy the operating assets.  We’re still 4 months or so away from finalizing a plan so things could change, expecially if we run into someone wanting to overbid at plan confirmation.

On the dog front we did get Bauer a companion, a sweet female Giant Schnauzer named Bette  (like in Middler).  Her ears aren’t cropped like Bauer’s and she has the standard or European coat which makes her body hair a bit coarser than the soft, long American coat that Bauer has.  She is small as Giants go, but as a 2-year old she has a ton of energy and that is just what Bauer needed to get him active again.  They just love one another and play all the time. 

After using it for almost 10 years we traded in the John Deere tractor at Christmas for a Bobcat Toolcat.  It is so nice to have a cab and heat and air conditioning!  Plowing the driveway this year has been something I look forward to!  We use it all the time and it goes enywhere we need to on the property since I put chains on all 4 corners.  A bit pricey but a great vehicle.

Well, that’s about all I can think of right now, talk to you all later!

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