Happy New Year 2008

It’s official, 2008 is here and Sandi and I hope it brings the best to everyone.

[taken with the online snapshot feature of my Canon Weather Cam]

From a personal perspective, Christmas could have been a bit more relaxing.  On Dec 16th after 3 days of abdominal pain, I was admitted at Delta County Memorial Hospital where I underwent emergency abdominal surgery for a ruptured intestine.  There I stayed until Christmas afternoon   when they let me go home in Sandi’s loving care  .  I went over 12 days without any solid food!  I’ll probably not be able to return to work until sometime in mid-January.  I have to tell you that having someone inside your belly hand washing and messing around with all your innards makes you a tad sore and irritable.  Everything is shaping up well now and at least I know that there won’t be any more diverticulitis attacks and there is no problem anywhere inside me now. Unfortunately I’ll have to endure life with a temporary colostomy for 6 months or so. What a pain in the ass 😉

The bankruptcy at NC Telecom is still in process and the court and main creditor (Ruraal Utilities Service, part of USDA) are putting the pressure on us.  The delay seems to be just getting our attorney and parent company to process and file the needed agreement to clarify and un-comingle the assets.  We really hope to offer a plan and assest purchase in the coming 4 months.

The new house is coming along very well.  The winter here isn’t near as burdensome as in Meeker and we can actually keep working on stuff outside most of the time.

Have a great new year and make it into whatever is best for YOU!

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