Not quite spring yet…

It’s been a cold and wet winter here in Delta compared to normal.  For us it’s still a lot milder than Meeker and we are enjoying it daily.  We get a lot of light snow that melts off the same day.  The temps are normally well into the 40’s by now but have barely broken 30’s recently. 

I’m recovering well from my surgery except for a nasty abdominal incisional hernia that can be quite painful when it flares up.  My doctor doesn’t want to go in and repair it until I lose some more weight which means it will have to wait until late April or early May.  To date I’ve lost about 40lbs and I’m on a schedule to lose an additional 25 or 30.  Don’t worry, I’m not about to waste away to nothing. 

I’m still working from home and that is going well.  I can handle almost anything from here and the staff in Meeker and Craig handle the customer face-time.  Hopefully I’ll be able to start driving there once a week by March. 

We’re going to start our spring projects around here, including digging a pond.  I’ll take photos and post them here as we make progress.


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