Oct 21 2008

Hank, Willow, Piper, Todd and Sarah

Went to a McCain/Palin rally in Grand Junction yesterday.  Sarah was there and it opened with Hank Williams, Jr.  I’m voting for Piper in 2030. I didn’t have my 400mm lens so the pics are blurry when enlarged and cropped.



    1. Linda

      I hope she runs for President that next go round. We have four very long years to wait.

    2. up10ad

      I’m gonna try and be positive about the current situation, but I too would like to see her on the public stage in the future. I think that Barack had a real eye-opener once he got the inside scoop on the real world situation during his initial intelligence briefing. Although he wasn’t my candidate, I am counting on him to do the right thing for the country. He’s my President now.

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