Our iPhone 3G S Warranty

On release day Sandi and I both got the new iPhone 3G S models and they are great.  Last week, after having the 3G S only 10 days or so, we were playing Scrabble together over WiFi in bed when all of a sudden the entire left one-third of her screen inexplicably went totally black. The next morning I called Apple and after doing a few standard checks, they agreed that she deserved a replacement 3G S, unless of course hers was dropped in water or otherwise the victim of abuse. I assured them that it was not, Sandi liked her iPhone too much and was too careful for that.

They said they could either send us a box and have us send it in and they would then send a replacement, total time of about 7-10 days. The alternative was to buy the one year AppleCare warranty extension for $69 and then they would just send us a replacement overnight and we could send ours back after receiving it. I popped for the $69 and now she has 719 days of warranty instead of a just a year. That may come in handy!

The replacement 3G S arrived the other day and I dutifully swapped SIMs and restored it for her, making sure it was perfect. She loved it. Unfortunately, less than 4 hours later she dropped the SOB in the horse stock water tank, filled with 18″ of murky water and horse spit.

So, now she has a phone with a voided extended warranty that covered it for about 240 minutes. The sound stopped working immediately and the screen shut down within 5 minutes. She didn’t tell me right away; she took it in the house, lit the oven and warmed it up to 150 degrees. She gently wrapped her iPhone in a paper towel and placed it on the middle rack. WTF?  It’s not a f’ing burrito!

I won’t go into the, er, discussions we had when she let me know what happened. She tried to calm me down by telling not to worry that she was ‘drying it out’ as we, er, discussed. That part didn’t really help.

Suffice it to say I wasn’t happy. I immediately ran into the house and when I rescued the iPhone from the Blue Star‘s oven it was miraculously working perfectly!

It’s been over 36 hours now and all is still well.  Since things are better now, I’ll just post a pic of our big Percheron getting a bath.

Oh yeah, forgot to post a pic of our first hay cutting too.  We stacked 11 big round bales:

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