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WOW, just WOW

This image is not Photoshopped. Large sinkholes devour Guatemala City. A giant sinkhole larger than a street intersection has swallowed a three-story building and a house in Guatemala, as residents reel from a storm that has killed at least 146 people across Central America.

Sad H1N1 Vaccine Story

I don't usually add stuff here unless it relates to our life somehow, but this is an exception.  My purpose in linking to this video is not to discourage people from getting the vaccine, but to show how strange the human body functions.  Keep in mind that the odds of experiencing this type of reaction, …

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Hank, Willow, Piper, Todd and Sarah

Went to a McCain/Palin rally in Grand Junction yesterday.  Sarah was there and it opened with Hank Williams, Jr.  I’m voting for Piper in 2030. I didn’t have my 400mm lens so the pics are blurry when enlarged and cropped.