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Long Overdue Update

Lots has happened in the past couple years. Left Florida and moved north to New Jersey. I recently spent some time fixing a bunch of issues with this blog and figured I would post some photos.

I took this pic yesterday morning.

About an hour later my best buddy Panzer ran out of the house while I was loading stuff into the U-Haul. He wasn’t gone but a few minutes. I ran down the long driveway to the road but I was too late. A loaded gravel truck had just gone by; didn’t even stop. He was …

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He's such a sweet boy! #poodle #dog

More running in the field. #poodle #dog #hayfield

Panzer running

(if the video won’t play on your mobile device, try switching the mobile theme OFF at the bottom of the page) Your browser does not support the video tag Your browser does not support the video tag Panzer loves running up and down the length of the hay field.

3rd and final hay cutting

Fall at the Park

Bette leads the way as we walk through the fallen leaves of autumn.

Bette discovered TV

After 6 years Bette has decided that she likes watching NatGeo and Animal Planet.

An Early Birthday Present

Just a quick post to put up a picture of our newest family additions.  Please meet Sherman and Panzer, our new 9 week old puppies! They are just adorable!  Soft and cuddly and they get along with Bette just fine.  Oh, and they’re standard Poodles.  [snicker]

Rest In Peace Bauer

Today after more than 13 years we had to say goodbye to the 3rd of the original 3blackdogs.  Skansen’s JA Bauer was a big, lovable brute that never seemed to grow up.  He was always the low man on the totem pole but took it all in stride.  A bit goofy, he often invited the …

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