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Edible from our garden

I didn’t know that artichokes bloomed like this!

Great Memorial Day Burgers

But first, a thought and a prayer for all those that have given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great country, as well as those who have returned with physical and emotional scars. Thanks So, ain’t that a swell  lookin’ burger?

Ma Famiglia in Meeker

Went to lunch with Brandy, Matt, Justin, Dakota, Jimmy, Eva and Sandi.  We were there for Justin’s opening game ‘Cowboy Football!’  Beer choices are sometimes hard, but Drop Top carried the day, and we found that mother Eva reallllly liked it!

Great dinner

Scallops on a bed of rice and romaine.  This is part of the reason why I have dropped form a high weight of 282 in December of 2007 to 229 this week,  My goal is to get to about 190 lbs.

Fall ’06

Well, a lot has happened since my last post.  The Fudgey Duck closed rather quickly, primarily due to landlord/tennant problems.  Its just as well, I’m happy to not have a business to keep Sandi away from home every day.  We may re-visit it later, but not for a while. In May we lost big dog …

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Spring in Colorado

Spring is trying… News on the work front.  For the past few years the company I work for, NC Telecom, has been battling cashflow problems stemming from a massive $12MM loan from the feds for rural communications infrastructure improvements.  Last year the stock owners (UBTA Communications, a Utah-based ILEC) stripped down the company and put …

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Started a retaurant

It is now mid-may and we’re still unpacking at home!  We have started a business as owners of the Flag Creek Cafe, located at the Meeker Golf Course. The startup is taking an inordinate amount of our time and energy, but after two weeks we are beginning to get our staffing levels up and hopefully …

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