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Sep 04 2008

Captive in my own home

Although my recovery is coming along fine, my mobility is limited by abdominal tenderness. I’ve been on the couch or in bed for days on end and it is annoying to say the least. The other night brought a beautilul sunset with bright long shadows that enticed me from the couch to grab this shot …

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Aug 30 2008

Hooked up again

I had my final surgery on Thursday to reverse my ileostomy and I’m being released from the hospital in a few hours. Woo-hoo! All systems seem to be working fine and I’m digesting scrambled eggs & pancakes as I write this. I still have a month or so of healing of the abdominal hole but …

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Jun 30 2008

Almost July

Surgery went well, stayed in Delta Memorial 6 days.  The re-attachment of my large intestine failed the first few tries, but he finally got it together without a leak.  Because it was tenuous he performed a temporary ileostomy on my small intestine on the right side which will ease the load on the colon for …

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Jun 18 2008

Mid-June update

As I mentioned, tomorrow I go in for my 2nd surgery.  I’m looking forward to it and getting my intestines back to normal.  The worst part is having to stay in the hospital bed for 7 days. We are in the middle of our first hay cutting this year, don’t know if we will get …

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May 25 2008

Just updating…

We have been working on the rental and things are going well.  We have a couple all lined up with 3 horses and a teenage daughter, and we hope to have them moved in by the 2nd week of June.  The house is on 1.5 ac and is a 3 BR 1 BA with a …

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Feb 09 2008

Not quite spring yet…

It’s been a cold and wet winter here in Delta compared to normal.  For us it’s still a lot milder than Meeker and we are enjoying it daily.  We get a lot of light snow that melts off the same day.  The temps are normally well into the 40’s by now but have barely broken …

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Jan 02 2008

Happy New Year 2008

It’s official, 2008 is here and Sandi and I hope it brings the best to everyone. [taken with the online snapshot feature of my Canon Weather Cam] From a personal perspective, Christmas could have been a bit more relaxing.  On Dec 16th after 3 days of abdominal pain, I was admitted at Delta County Memorial …

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Sep 16 2005

Summer ’05

Summer in Meeker is a short-lived thing, and this year it was very comfortable.  Sandi and I took several trips to see Joe and Anita in Missouri, even spent a lot of time looking at property to purchase.  In the end, nothing came of it as there isn’t much in the way of work there …

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Jan 22 2005


Not much news recently.  As if you wanted to know, I had hernia surgery, all went well.  We have had a very mild winter so far, we’re in the middle of the second warm spell which is melting all previous snow causing a 2nd mid-winter ‘mud season’.  The last one melted so much snow that …

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