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Enjoying my new patio and fireplace

Family got together and built a new patio area complete with a fireplace.  Great spot to relax. Wine and fire is good for the soul.

A New Baby Colt

Sandi acts as the breeding and babysitting facility for our babies as well as her brother and sister-in-law. This fella is from Dollie, one of Jeff and Leta’s mares.  No name yet.

It Didn’t Explode!

It’s the time of year to burn the fields in preparation for the new hay season.  I have a bit of pyromania in my blood so I always look forward to this task.  Armed with my LP tank and weed burner attachment I set out burning the field south of the house.  All went well …

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Too Friggin’ Cold!

It is not supposed to be this cold here in Delta.  We are in Colorado’s banana belt.  This is a snapshot from my weather station/web site. Yesterday when I originally posted this it was -7.2.  I updated it this morning (Thur the 10th) with this -12.8 pic.

Jeff’s Birthday Bash Video

Great occasion, great guests and great food.  Even the cinnamon lemon Patron shots.      

Edible from our garden

I didn’t know that artichokes bloomed like this!

2nd Cutting, Sub Par

We need more water in several areas of the field.  This fall we’re going to mark it heavily to promote water flow and fertilize. Rest time after watching our neighbor cut and bale it.  Watching is tough work!

Nature Is Beautiful

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken with my iPhone and post-processed with iPhone applications.  I seldom carry my Canon 20D anymore except in situations where I need to use the big 400mm telephoto lens.

Some iPhone 3G S Photos

Took a few shots yesterday while working around the house.  Got a fine pic of our vegetable garden showing how well the corn is doing, and another of the bunny that escaped from our neighbors kids. That bunny is going to be hard to catch.

… along came a spider

Found this cutie inside the lid of a sprinkler valve box.