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Mac the mini

Leta’s champion

A New Baby Colt

Sandi acts as the breeding and babysitting facility for our babies as well as her brother and sister-in-law. This fella is from Dollie, one of Jeff and Leta’s mares.  No name yet.

Some iPhone 3G S Photos

Took a few shots yesterday while working around the house.  Got a fine pic of our vegetable garden showing how well the corn is doing, and another of the bunny that escaped from our neighbors kids. That bunny is going to be hard to catch.

Our iPhone 3G S Warranty

On release day Sandi and I both got the new iPhone 3G S models and they are great.  Last week, after having the 3G S only 10 days or so, we were playing Scrabble together over WiFi in bed when all of a sudden the entire left one-third of her screen inexplicably went totally black. …

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Spring has arrived in Delta

New Baby Pics

I have been remiss in posting pics of our new baby girl.   She is about 2 weeks old and we are expecting another around Mother’s day.

Moon over Elms

Great full moon last night We’re expecting Zana to give us a baby pony this week followed by another from Punkin within 30 days or so.

Skid Vicious has surgery

Sandi took her baby colt to have minor surgery done on his leg. He had a tendon issue that needed a slight tweak. All seems well and he is up and around only hours after waking.

Mid-June update

As I mentioned, tomorrow I go in for my 2nd surgery.  I’m looking forward to it and getting my intestines back to normal.  The worst part is having to stay in the hospital bed for 7 days. We are in the middle of our first hay cutting this year, don’t know if we will get …

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Spring is here

It came about mid-month and the days have been getting warmer ever since.  We are well on our way to completing projects around the house, something we couldn’t even thing about doing this time of year up in Meeker. Today I burned the irrigation ditches in the front and back of the property: We bought …

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