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Not a fan of pumpkin ale. Don’t like most ‘flavors’ added to my beer or cigars or pipe. [shrugs]

I Love Tomatoes

Cheech & Chong Anyone ever smoke one of these? #cigar #smoke

Pumpkins, Bats and Owls

We stayed up until about 2am making cookies.

Our garden is going great!

Maryland Blue Crabs

Before: After:

Maryland Blue Crabs

Before: After:

Bacon Topped Meatloaf

I could lose weight if I had more will power.  Well, maybe not. Dang, that iPhone take nice pics sometimes.

Redneck Turkey Roasting Video

The skewer kept slipping and I had to resort to using something to hold things together.  It worked well!

Christmas Feast

We celebrated Christmas in Meeker with the Giaos.  Drove up Christmas Eve and back late on Christmas day.  Had to come home to tend to the animals.  We did eat well.