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New iPhone coming with 3MP camera

But the existing 2MP takes pretty good shots already.  This is a pot on the back porch.

Burning trash in 55 gal. drum

We keep a old metal drum in the shed area to burn cardboard and other large paper trash items.  It gets fired up about every two weeks and saves s space in the single trash container that we put out for collection. It always makes me feel like a sterno bum when I fire it …

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Green Mist

Took a pic of our outhouse with my iPhone and used the x-ray filter in the Vihgo app. Makes you wonder what I had for breakfast eh?

2nd New Foal This Year

I just realized that I didn’t post a pic of the new colt born Sunday May 3. The photo below was taken when he was 7 days old.  His momma was a maiden mare and both baby and momma were challenged by the whole nursing thing.  Baby didn’t know where the teat was or what …

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Happy New Year 2009

[taken with the online snapshot feature of my Canon Weather Cam and modified in Photoshop CS3] From a personal perspective, Christmas was wonderful, especially when compared to last year.  Since I’m updating more often these days I won’t add any details but Sandi and I do want to send a wish your way: Have a …

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Sunset and update

I have been remiss in my posting here so I thought I’d offer up an iPhone photo for your enjoyment.  It was taken using the iPhone app called Panorama that automatically stitches together two adjacent photos.  The frame was added wit the app Photogene. On the bankruptcy front things are moving well.  I’ve been busy …

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Bonfire for Jeff’s birthday

Sandi and I invited Jeff and Leta for dinner for his birthday and lit up a huge pile of brush and other stuff we had gathered from around the property over the summer.  It was quite a display!  I snapped this great silhouette of Jeff while he was tending the fire. Here is a photo …

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Sunset over the Cimarrons

Sandi and I went to Montrose to help Jeff and Leta paint their house and do some grading with the Bobcat.  It was a fun day that culminated with dutch-oven ribs server outside under a beautiful sunset. The image below was taken looking almost straight up as the sun set. The one below looks toward …

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