Category: Strange

Jul 23 2015

Having a beer with my little friend

He was under my table. He talked me into saving up to 15% on some great discount auto insurance.

Jun 01 2015

Repticon – Sharing Reptiles with the World

OK, not really my kind of show but it was there at the fairgrounds and it called my name.  Strange froup of folks attend this event.

May 25 2015

Fringe Festival Retro Beach Party

This boss little afternoon finds rockabilly and surf rockers colliding on the Green Lawn of the Lowndes Shakespeare Center, Featuring the Wildtones, Thee Wilt Chamberlain and Rocket 88, plus a retro bathing suit contest.  I found myself at the Stonewall Bar tent adjacent to the music venue, sponsored by a local gay bar/dance club.    

Feb 14 2013

Original of previous #deer pic

Feb 14 2013

#Deer outside my window eating an orange I left on the lawn. Post processed.

Jan 16 2013

Not a good day. #zombie

Dec 24 2012

Obtuse Bronze Sculpture

I can’t tell what this statue is all about. Is she being arrested and going to get frisked? Or is she preparing for position 78 in the Kama Sutra?

Sep 08 2012

Kerning (letter spacing) is Important

Jul 30 2012

Airplane or crop sprayer?

Jun 01 2010

WOW, just WOW

This image is not Photoshopped. Large sinkholes devour Guatemala City. A giant sinkhole larger than a street intersection has swallowed a three-story building and a house in Guatemala, as residents reel from a storm that has killed at least 146 people across Central America.