Category: Weather

Feb 12 2018

Long Overdue Update

Lots has happened in the past couple years. Left Florida and moved north to New Jersey. I recently spent some time fixing a bunch of issues with this blog and figured I would post some photos.

Jul 03 2015

Prep for 5K tomorrow

  Had some weather during my carb loading…  Clouds are real, lightning and temp overlay via InstaWeather app.

Oct 04 2013

34° this morning

Apr 17 2013

I'm done with snow in spring. #weather #snow #instaweatherpro #sky #grandjunction #spring #morning

Apr 11 2013


Mar 17 2013

#cloudporn Roads End

Mar 04 2013

#nofilter morning fog #skyporn #cloudporn

Jan 12 2013

It’s Too Dang Cold!

Look at forecast! Headed to -13 degrees!

Jan 05 2013

Filtered effect version of previous photo.

Jan 05 2013

Ice crystal on the outside frame of window glass but inside the screen. #frost #ice