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Blast from the past

Had a long phone conversation with an old friend from Mustang Software yesterday. We hadn’t talked for years and years. It was fun catching up on things and seeing the changes in our respective lives. I’ll have to devote some time and energy into renewing those relationships.

More iPhone stuff and NCT update

As if you were interested.  I've been running the v3.0 beta for weeks now and it is nice.  But the really exciting news is the new hardware that is probably going to be released, probably in June.  I plan on pushing my current 16GB 3G phone to Sandi which will give her all the new …

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IP Change Completed

…and not a day too soon.  We spent the last half of the month replacing cards in our Alcatel and Cisco hardware and finally established a stable DS3 circuit on February 25th.  Bryan spent every night for the next 5 days updating routers while I handled the customer notifications and DNS, WEB and other updates.  …

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IT Management Sometimes Sux

At work we have been working on a replacement DS3 45MB feed since December and it just seems that something goes wrong at every turn.  Now that we finally have the feed and have the new /22 net IP addresses routing properly, suddenly we find issues within our own fiber network between Grand Junction and …

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Zoo Lights

Sandi and I spent the weekend in Denver finalizing the NCT auction.  We had great food.  One night at Mizuna and one at McCormicks.  The Oxford Hotel got us complimentary tickets to Zoo Lights and provided Town Car transportation.  Not only were the light displays just beautiful, but some exhibits were open.  We got to …

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NC Telecom Update

Well, the judge in the NCT bankruptcy case ruled that our reorganization plan and auction should move forward as presented in our motion.  He apparently did not buy the argument that the parent company or current management (moi) allowed our personal stakes in the results to influence our decisions regarding the plan of reorganization.  We …

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Bankruptcy hearing in Denver

I've recently returned from testifying in the NCT case and it reminds me why I was happy to leave the legal arena.  For the last three years I have steadfastly tried to guide NCT forward for the benefit of the creditors, local community and ultimate new owner.  My personal future has always been tentative yet …

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Happy New Year 2008

It’s official, 2008 is here and Sandi and I hope it brings the best to everyone. [taken with the online snapshot feature of my Canon Weather Cam] From a personal perspective, Christmas could have been a bit more relaxing.  On Dec 16th after 3 days of abdominal pain, I was admitted at Delta County Memorial …

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Spring is here

Spring came early this year.  By late March it was somewhat comfortable for a few days, and April was very nice indeed.  The mud season didn’t amount to much more than a few days of melt-off and it was over.  Things turned green very early and spring is now well established. The Quintus lawsuits settled …

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Late Winter ’06

Not much exciting news.  We started building a barn in October and it still isn’t finished right.  Lots of issues with the contractor , you can read the entire story as I post and update it on  The Quintus action is final as of December, but here it is March and we still haven’t …

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