Summer ’05

Summer in Meeker is a short-lived thing, and this year it was very comfortable.  Sandi and I took several trips to see Joe and Anita in Missouri, even spent a lot of time looking at property to purchase.  In the end, nothing came of it as there isn’t much in the way of work there for me. Things are unsettled here with NC Telecom, and the next few months will tell if I stay there or not. 

In May we took an enchanting vacation to Colonial Williamsburg where we met up with my sisters, Mimi and Diane.  What a fun week!  We went to Monticello and dined and drank and sat and talked.  We stayed at an old converted plantation complete with duck ponds and great dining facilities, part of our time-share exchange program.  It was especially fortutitous since only a month or so later Mimi’s blood disease flared up and she was gone in a matter of weeks.   We have great photos of our time together and wonderful memories.

During one of my solo trips to see Joe, Sandi entered some competitive horse events at the Rio Blanco County Fair where she was thrown and sustained a rather severe concussion.  Brandy tells some great stories about how she lost her memory and didn’t even know where I was or why on earth I’d be in Missouri.  Apparently she kept repeating the same two or three phrases over and over; "I got thrown form my horse, didn’t I?  It was Zanna wasn’t it? . . . That bitch.  <squealing>  Bad pony!"  She apparently said this at least 100 time in the first 10 hours after her accident.  It took over three weeks for her to get back to normal and recover memory.  Now she is fine but still doesn’t remember anything of the day of the accident after loading her horses in the trailer.

Rumor has it that the main Quintus class-action suit will settle before year end, and our CA State action against them will follow immediately thereafter .  It will be nice to finally pu that era behind us.  The CEO Alan Anderson apparently went to jail for up to 10 years, but I haven’t been able to find out the exact time he will serve.  It isn’t enough.


Not much news recently.  As if you wanted to know, I had hernia surgery, all went well.  We have had a very mild winter so far, we’re in the middle of the second warm spell which is melting all previous snow causing a 2nd mid-winter ‘mud season’.  The last one melted so much snow that it flooded our water pumps in the underground pump house and we lost H2O for awhile until we pumped it out.  It should get cold again and hold off the mud until March or so.

Got a new camera

After 10 years or so without a good 35mm SLR I finally bought a Canon EOS 20D Digital SLR.  I’m having a lot of fun taking more photos, especially with the Canon 100-400L USM IS telephoto lens.

Trip to Springfield, MO

I took a 6 day trip to Springfield, Missouri to visit Joe, Anita and Christina who have been living there for the past 10 years os so since moving out of California. 

Range Call ’04

I posted a bunch of photos taken at our Range Call celebration.  It is held every 4th of July (4 day event) and includes rodeo, parade, concert, dance and fireworks.  This year we hosted Steve Azar.

One of the best parts is the re-enactment of the Meeker Massacre; the story of how Indian Agent Nathan Meeker met his maker at the hands of the Ute Indians.  It is a wonderful story that touches on our treatment of the Indians during the late 19th century. 

We have a new baby!

After waiting 11 months we finally have our new baby pony.  Even before leaving California we tried to get Zanna pregnant but had little success with artificial insemination.  The original stud just didn’t have good swimmers I guess.

Well, last summer we took her for a live cover breeding just east of Denver and it took.

Saturday night the 15th we went out for a BBQ with friends and came home about 8pm.  We had been testing Zanna’s milk for calcium levels as a predictor of the foaling date, but she was showing a few days away.  When the horses didn’t come down from the east pasture by 11pm or so, Sandi went up (in the pitch dark) to get them while I settled into bed.  Within 5 minutes she came running into the house screaming "We’ve got a baby!".  Apparently she preferred having her foal in the open pasture rather than in the fresh, clean, well-bedded stall area we created for her and baby.

Zanna had a beautiful little colt without any help from us and mom and baby were ready to come down and get some food and rest.  The other 4 horses were hovering around her in a protective manner and it was a challenge to get mom and baby to come down without the other horses getting in the stall area.  I finally haltered and tied two of them to the fence while I held the other two (and got my foot stepped on in the process).  That tiny, minutes old baby followed mom on his long, wobbly legs the entire 300 yards to the foaling stall without a problem.

Many were taken the night of birth or the day after.  He is a beautiful baby from 7S Rose Zanna and Jaz Poco Goldun Blue.

I’m finally back here again

Looks like I’m getting an entry in here about once every year, whether it needs it or not. I never was good at journals. Well, the Flag Creek Cafe lasted until about July 15, at which time we completely understood why the restaurant business is so different from the software business. Suffice it to say we won’t be doing that again, and the town is now without one of the best eateries it ever had.

Last July I started with NC Telecom, a startup CLEC that serves northwest Colorado and Utah. I’ve learned way more about telco & PCS cell phone technology than I ever wanted to know. We’re just now launching our first services to the public, including DSL and other voice and data services. See if you have to know more.

Started a retaurant

It is now mid-may and we’re still unpacking at home!  We have started a business as owners of the Flag Creek Cafe, located at the Meeker Golf Course. The startup is taking an inordinate amount of our time and energy, but after two weeks we are beginning to get our staffing levels up and hopefully will reduce our hours.  The location was originally a snack bar which we redecorated and remodeled into a 64-seat restaurant and bar.  It is really nice inside now. The town has received us well and many think it is the nicest place in town. \
There are 3 other restaurants in town and a fourth up river 23 miles.  Our view and food can’t be matched and we’re off to a good start.    More later . . .  The pics page has some photos of the restaurant view and some of the inside.  I’ll post the menu soon.

Just an update

Spent a bit of time updating the pics pages and moving the site as a sub-web of my site.  I’ve always been interested in weather phenomenon and after leaving Bakersfield it dawned on me that I’m finally living in an area that actually HAS weather!  I set up a station in the back yard almost 2 years ago that broadcasts to a main terminal in the house and then feeds to several Internet sites.

See the site at WeatherWeather.NET.

It fits in well with my Amateur radio stuff.

We have arrived in Colorado!

Well, we completed our move from Bakersfield to Meeker on November 1, 2001.  Everyone arrived safely and the people, dogs and horses are all fine.  We live about 3 miles outside of town on County Road 4, on the mesa overlooking Meeker and the White River Valley.  Although we have about 15 acres, most of it is undeveloped.  We are working on a plan to fence in several acres near the house for the horses since they are temporarily staying at our neighbors house about a quarter mile away.  We share part of a common driveway from the main road, also about a quarter mile away.  Deer feed and bed nearby, and show up daily within 50 feet of the house on the meadow.  The pics page will give you an idea of what it is like here, and will be updated regularly.

It will take us the next 60 days or so to get completely unpacked and settled in.  The house is smaller than our prior place on the Kern River, so many items will go to storage.  Hopefully we will be able to build an addition in the spring to give us a bit more room.  We also have a barn, fencing and spa on our list of projects.  Especially the spa.  It gets a bit cold here (see the weather link for current backyard weather from our station).